#91 Up Close

Chassis: Birel Art                    Engine: Iame X30                   HP: 30hp                    Class: TAG125 Light

The Birel Art Chassis equipped with Iame’s 125cc 30 horsepower TaG engine, is an absolute weapon reaching speeds of up to 120 kph. With MG Yellow tyres this kart has amazing grip levels and astonishing cornering speeds allowing the driver to work his magic to get the fastest lap times possible. Hang on cause it all happens in a fraction of a second.



Chassis: Arrow X3 4S                    Engine: Briggs & Stratton World Formula                    HP: 11 hp                    Class: Senior Light

This single engine sprint kart is powered by Briggs and Stratton’s World Formula 4 stroke race engine. The tyre of choice for this series is the Dunlop DFH which provides economical wear with medium levels of grip. With only one third the horsepower of a 2 stroke engine this style of racing is close and exciting. To win in this class you need to be smooth and consistent. The equipment is so evenly matched so it all comes down to the skill of the driver.



Chassis: MS kart                    Engine: Twin Honda GX200                    HP: 6.5 hp (each engine)                    Class: Maxx Class

This is the real deal, a full 32mm twin rail chassis with two 6.5 hp engines either side means this machine is capable of awesome speed with precise handling. This kart competes in the SEK Qld (Sportsman Endurance Karting) series with endurance races between 6 and 12 hours in length. Strategy is the name of the game with driver changes, fuel stops and tyre changes all comes into play. These drivers need to be super consistent and incredibly smooth in their driving style to extract the best lap times lap after lap.